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Small Business Phone System


Serving south central Texas for 22 years. We have built our reputation on service and reliability. We will be here when you need us, we have built a trust with all of our customers. If your needs are small or large we can do it. From wiring data, telco , dsl, fax, ect, new and used phone systems.

DIGITAL                                       VOIP                                                     HYBRID

There are many choices today and making a good decision for your business needs is important.  There are many good systems with exceptional features that can accommodate your needs.  It is important to buy what fits your business. Most small businesses can use a digital system that will last for 20 plus years.  The Hybrid is a good choice with IP capabilities in the software if you ever decide you want SIP trunking you just add a gateway card.  Some small companies have switched to IP with complicated user features that are not necessary and almost impossible to use on a daily basis. The Hybrid software based system can be upgraded with new software to include new features.External applications such as a cordless phone, external paging, analog ports, door phones and external ringer, or automatic door lock integration ( a real need for some businesses ) may not exist on some VoIP phone systems

One of the biggest factors that VoIP manufactures claim to have an advantage in is lowering calling costs. When you take a good look and compare, many find that this claim was truer in the past than it is today

If you have any questions or would like more information email or call me directly and I would be glad to discuss them with you.  210-341-1188